Will You Home Pass the Test?

Will your home pass the test? Can you sell for top dollar right now or do you need to do a few things?

We’ve sold hundreds of homes, so we know what we’re talking about, so let’s take the quiz to see if you can sell your home for top dollar. So, curb appeal. Do you have curb appeal? That is one of the most important things. It’s the first thing that a buyer sees when they come up to your house. So, one thing that you might wanna consider is maybe adding a little black bark and maybe some fresh flowers, some bright flowers, some trees, shrubs, just anything to bump up your curb appeal, and then take a good look at your front door. Does it need a new paint job? Do you maybe need a new front door? Again, it’s first impressions. You need to hire an agent who cares about telling you the truth and who cares about you getting top dollar for your home. Have you done the three Ds? Have you decluttered, depersonalized, and done a deep cleaning of your home? I mean a really deep cleaning. Have you cleaned the walls? Have you cleaned scuff marks? Have you gotten rid of old light bulbs? Have you replaced them with brand new light bulbs? Is your lawn lush and green or is it crispy and yellow? Those things matter. Are your carpets a neutral color or are they 10 years old and kinda dingy and dirty? Your home needs to look clean, feel clean, and, most importantly, it needs to smell clean.

Smell clean, that is so important. You may not realize this, but every home has its own smell. I know it sounds gross, but it’s really true. And then, of course, there’s our pets. Everybody in Seattle loves their pets, right? Seattle has more pets than kids. In my house, I actually have more pets than people. I have 15 pet birds. 13 of them are in an outdoor aviary, two of ’em are inside. And then I have two indoor cats and three litter boxes. So, if I was to put my home on the market tomorrow, I would have to deep clean like crazy. And then there’s our cooking smells. Do you cook with a lot of spices that maybe smell awesome to you but maybe smell like a fish fry to somebody else? So, again, we really have to compare your home to the competition. I know we all think that we have the best home on the block, but, realistically, you need to look at the competition and you just need to make sure that your home shines and stands above all of the rest.

Is your home partially staged or fully staged? Does it have contemporary furniture in it or does it have old, old furniture that looked better at Grandma’s house? Are your windows clean or do they have years of dirt built on ’em? If you clean them, it’s gonna let all the light in your house and it’s gonna look so much better, so clean windows are so important when listing your house for sale. I challenge you, on a scale from 1-10, is your house super-ready for sale or does it need a little bit of work? We’re here to help you decide what you should and should not do in order to get your top dollar for your house. So, when you’re ready to sell your house for top dollar, give us a call. We’ll show you what you should and should not do to get your home ready.

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