NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update | November 22, 2021

Where are all the Sellers? Inventory levels continue to dwindle in NW Seattle. We currently only have 98 homes available for sale in all of NW Seattle. That is half the inventory we had this same time last year. This is the lowest we’ve been in nearly 9 months. The lack of new listings coming … Continued

Just Sold in Bitter Lake!

We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to help Sylvia and Rodney sell their condo near our office. They bought the condo a few years ago to help their daughter out. When it was time to sell, they researched online for a real estate agent. Sylvia and Rodney live in California and needed … Continued

Another Just Sold in North Beach!

Congratulations to Peggy and Bart! The sale of this home has been a long journey. I first met Peggy and Bart several years ago at an open house in North Beach where we both lived in. At that time, I used to let my small flock of mostly white pet pigeons fly around. When Peggy … Continued

NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update | November 8th, 2021

Fall continues to be a great market for Sellers. Inventory levels have steadily decreased each week since mid September. This is what typically happens – listings taper off because Sellers want to list their homes in the Spring. However, Buyers are out in force now. Homes going under contract have easily kept up with new … Continued

Thai Family Restaurant in Mountlake Terrace

Thai Family Restaurant at 21005 44th Ave W #101, Mountlake Terrace Head over to our new favorite Thai restaurant recently opened in Mountlake Terrace near Brier. We recently had a wonderful lunch with Sandra dining on Larb Gai and Steve on Pad Thai. Located on 44th Avenue just off I-5 it is a great place … Continued

NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update | October 25th, 2021

Available homes for sale continue to go down. We currently only have 145 homes available for sale in all of NW Seattle. This is not what we normally see this time of year. Historically, Inventory levels tend to be relatively high August through October, and then start to come down towards the end of October … Continued

NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update | October 11th, 2021

Buyers are still buying, and homes are being sold as fast as they come on the market. We had 332 new listings since September, well above the 238 in August. While interest rates still low, they have been creeping up from 3% to the 3.25% range. Jumbo loan rates are pretty stable, below 3%. Rates … Continued

NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update | September 27th, 2021

In the past two weeks we’ve had 156 new homes come on the market and in that same timeframe we had 149 homes go under contract. So homes going under contract are pretty much keeping up with new inventory. This is why we haven’t seen our monthly inventory levels climb very much. We often do … Continued

Happy Buyers in Marysville!

Even with today’s amazing technology, It is pretty rare to sell a home without the Buyer actually seeing the home in person. I think Steve and I have only done this once in our careers. However, this is the first time I’ve sold a home without the Buyer seeing it in person, AND without having … Continued