Homeward Bound | December 2019

Happy December! We are beginning a fun “Pet of the Month” series which will showcase an adoptable pet from the Seattle Animal Shelter each month. This month we are proud to present: Chutney! Chutney is a friendly, handsome boy seeking his forever home. He is a long, lean, purring machine! Chutney has hypnotic eyes that … Continued

6 Marketing Mistakes Home Sellers Make in Seattle

The real estate market, on average nationwide, still favors sellers. But, although inventory is still below demand and home prices are still rising slightly, marketing remains a key component of selling your home quickly and at a good price. As a seller, you are entering a competitive market, and you have to beat out your … Continued

6 Things That Will Scare Away Buyers In Seattle

In a competitive housing market, you have to do everything you can to gain an edge on the competition. That means pricing competitively, making necessary repairs and upgrades, and maybe even offering concessions to sweeten the deal. No matter how much you do, though, homebuyers will always be (understandably) extremely picky, so you have to … Continued

4 Tips For Pricing Your House In Seattle

Pricing your house right is the most important step in the sale process, as well as your most effective marketing tool. If your house isn’t priced to sell, chances are it will languish unsold on the market- which further decreases your chances of making a sale at or near the price you need. You will, … Continued

Homeward Bound | November 2019

November is the Month to Give Thanks! We just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your continued support! Your referrals throughout the year, your “likes” on Facebook, and your friendship means the world to us. Everyone gets busy, and we don’t always stop and take the time to appreciate the good … Continued

Understanding Fair Housing Laws In Seattle

TheFair Housing Act is designed to ensure fair treatment for renters, buyers, and sellers in real estate transactions – to end discriminatory practices in any housing-related activities. Its purpose, then, is to ensure that all people who apply for housing are treated the same. The act lays out everything that could be construed as discriminatory … Continued

5 Landscaping Tips To Sell Your House In Seattle

Curb appeal is what allows buyers to form that critical first impression of your house. And landscaping is a hugely important element of curb appeal. In fact, attractive, well-maintained landscaping can add up to 10% (or more) to the value of your home. So it’s worthwhile even if you hire professional landscapers. Either way, here … Continued