When Should You Get a Home Inspection?

When and why should a home inspection be done?

Learn to avoid unexpected  surprises that could financially hurt you later in the home selling process.

In our area is it customary for the buyer to pay for inspections. But when would it be advantageous for a seller to do an inspection prior to going on the market?

We think it almost always makes sense for a Seller to Inspect their home prior to listing. It can end up saving you time, money and stress!

As a seller you want to be aware of the condition of your property and we don’t want any unexpected costs to come up that you weren’t expecting.  We’ve seen inspections issues come up in the $30-40K range. Imagine, getting a list of needed repairs for $40,000 and the only way the buyer will buy the home is if everything is either fixed or paid for. Now imagine you have already purchased another home and you need that $40,000 to qualify for your next home.  This would create a huge problem.

What about this, let’s say you found out that the home you’re selling is needing a new roof or the furnace needs to be replaced.  You could do a few things, sell the home “As Is’ and disclose the issues, not sell at all, or take what needs to be done and fix it.  The idea behind getting inspections done prior is so that there are no unexpected surprises that could financially hurt you later.   We want the seller to be aware of any additional expenses that could possibly arise from the sale of their home.

The inspections we recommend are the standard, customary inspections that a buyer would do.  We recommend a Home Inspection, and a Sewer Scope.  In regards to the Home Inspection, it’s helpful but not mandatory to make sure all the health and safety items are fixed prior to the inspection. This just helps with a cleaner inspection report.

Having the inspections done helps the seller because they have much more assurance that they will actually “net” what it is that they thought when going to – basically no surprises. If repairs are needed, the seller then has the opportunity to choose how and who will make the repair. It gives them peace of mind that the buyer won’t ask for any unreasonable repairs.  It also cuts down on inspection time once we are under contract.   And the buyer is more confident that they are buying a sound home.

Having  an inspection gives the seller and buyer more confidence throughout the entire transaction.  It keeps everyone safe during and after the close of escrow.

We’re here for you if you have any questions, and As always, make it a great home buying and home selling day!

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When should you get a home inspection?
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