What to do With Your Furniture

Are you or a loved one considering Downsizing? Here’s our suggestions on What to do With Your Furniture

A question that we frequently get asked by our downsizing clients, “How do I get rid of my old furniture?”

That is a great question, and we’ve got some answers for you.

We help Baby Boomers and above downsize out of their current home and right size into their new home.

Our biggest piece of advice to people downsizing is to start early. Large furniture pieces are the most challenging to dispose of due to their sheer size. There are a lot of options to dispose of big furniture items, but it takes time to figure this portion out, so it’s best to start early, do your homework, and do not leave it to the last minute.

Keep in mind too that, for the most part, your adult kids and grandkids probably will not want your stuff. I think a lot of times people assume that a family member will want more of their furnishings than they actually do. So again, it’s good to start early. Start asking family members now what if anything they would like.

Okay, so you’ve asked your family and you’ve found homes for some of your items. Now it’s time to get serious about donating. For this discussion, we’re going to assume that we’re not talking about furniture that has a lot of monetary value. We’re going to assume that we are talking about your everyday couches, tables, chairs, et cetera, that are in good shape.

There are a handful of charities in the Seattle area that will come and pick up your furniture. Salvation Army, Northwest Center, or also known as The Big Blue Truck, and Habitat for Humanity are our three biggies. Goodwill also has home pickup, but their pickup areas are very limited. With all of these charities, your furniture must be in good shape. It’s always best to be very accurate with your description when you call and make that appointment for your pickup. A great website to check out is TheThriftShopper.com. It’s a national directory of thrift shops. You can just pop in your ZIP Code or your city and it pulls up a list of local thrift and consignment stores.

Remember, downsizing is a process and it’s never too early to start.

So, think of us as a resource for all things real estate and downsizing-related.

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Downsizing? What to do with all of your furniture
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