Top Seattle Mortgage Lender Dietrich Miklautsch

Get to know our preferred lender, Top Seattle Mortgage Lender Dietrich Miklautsch

Interest Rates are at an all time low. If you are considering Buying a home, don’t let this great opportunity to lock in a low rate pass you by. Dietrich Miklautch from Guild Mortgage is our preferred lender. He has closed every transaction that we’ve worked with him on, and continues to be incredibly reliable and on top of communication throughout the process. 

“We are in an unprecedented time for interest rates. If you have a rate at 3.875 or higher, you should at least talk with a mortgage professional about your options. A 10 minute call could save you hundreds per month.” -Dietrich 

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Dietrich Miklautsch

Steve sat down with our preferred lender Dietrich Miklautsch of Guild Mortgage. We have used Dietrich for years and years and years and we love Dietrich! He has closed every single deal we’ve brought to him and they have gone exceptionally smooth. We are really fortunate to have him as our preferred lender.

Dietrich has been lending here locally for 17 years. Guild Mortgage is a local company with local underwriting, processing and funding. That’s a huge piece that helps the process go very smooth with purchase clients and re-finance clients.

“I have an excellent team that helps keep things organized and on track. Make sure that we’re hitting all those major milestones that you know are so important in the process. To make sure that clients are well taken care of and in the right spot for their goals.” Dietrich said of his team.

Guild Mortgage offers numerous loan programs for all sorts of financial situations. Dietrich pointed out that, “It really takes a consultant in the mortgage business to make sure that clients have access to all the unique products that are available.”

Some unique ones in our market are low down payment jumbo programs, unique programs that allow people to buy a new house before needing to sell their current house. That’s been a huge help to a lot of clients in this market.

Guild Mortgage

First-time home buyer programs. They allow people to get in with low down payment or low closing costs.

For those people that are investors or would like to know how they can invest in real estate, if it’s the right setup, Dietrich can help them make sure that they have a proper plan in place to do it strategically, safely and over time, help them build their portfolio.

As you can see, Dietrich and his team offer a plethora of loan options and we highly recommend him. He does a great job, and closings always go extremely smoothly.

Meet Our Preferred Lender: Dietrich Miklautsch of Guild Mortgage
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