Thinking About Selling Your Seattle Home?

Have you been thinking about selling your Seattle home, but are worried that you will have trouble finding a replacement home? You’re not alone. This is a common concern among homeowners.

The truth is, housing needs vary from person to person and family to family. Luckily for you, we have years of experience helping folks sell their homes. We have been able to find solutions for just about any situation.

If this concern has been holding you back from selling, give us a call for a free consultation and we can discuss your options!

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Thinking About Selling Your Seattle Home?

Video Transcript:

Thinking about selling, but worried you won’t be able to find a replacement property and you’ll be left homeless? Well, I’ve got good news for you. There are so many solutions for selling your home and finding a replacement home, even with the limited inventory that we are experiencing here in the Greater Seattle Area.

Hi everyone, I’m Sandra Brenner with Steve Hill with the Brenner|Hill team at Windermere. The good news is there are solutions, many solutions in fact, but what we found while meeting with so many families over the year is that depending on your unique situation, that will determine the best course of action and strategy that Steve and I can advise. There’s no one size fits all.

The bottom line is that coming up with a strategy really changes from family to family and their unique situation, but due to our extensive amount of time in the industry and how many homeowners just like you we’ve helped over the years, the good news is that there are solutions that we have come up with for just about any situation.

So call us today because we’d love to navigate this with you and don’t worry, there’s never any pressure or obligation in meeting with us. We are just here to help. Check out our other videos where we take a deeper dive into just a few of the solutions that we can help you with. You can click the link below to see them all right now. We’re Steve and Sandra. Elevated service, elevated results.

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