Single Story Home in Seattle

Are you or a loved one considering Downsizing? Downsize to a Single Story Home in Seattle

Thinking of downsizing and considering a one-story home?

Living on one level is a great option no matter what your age, and single-story homes provide advantages that you may not have thought of.

We specialize in helping baby boomers and above downsize out of their current home and right size into their new home. One-level homes offer lots of advantages over a multi-level home. For starters, they typically have few, if any, stairs and offer a much safer living space for people of all ages. And one-story homes means a lower risk of falls and accidents. They are also safer for our older pets. We have a client who has a baby gate at the top of their stairs so that their very sweet, older dog won’t fall down the stairs again. And one-level homes are so much easier to get out of in case of an emergency.

If you are thinking about building your retirement dream home, one-story homes are easier to structurally engineer and design. They can also be built with prefab components if you like. And since we are in an area prone to earthquakes, single-story wood framed homes are some of the safest structures to be in during an earthquake.

Maintenance, both inside and out, is also easier since everything is on one level. No more hauling laundry down to the basement, or schlepping the vacuum up the stairs. Exterior maintenance such as window washing, painting, exterior washing, power washing is also way easier and less expensive if you are hiring those services out.

As we all know heat rises and cold air drops, this means heating and cooling costs are higher in multi-story homes. Some experts believe that a two-story home may have double the heating and cooling costs as a similar sized single-story home.

Love your neighborhood and don’t wanna leave? Not a problem. You can find a single story homes in most neighborhoods.

Interested in seeing what’s available for one-level homes? Click here to see available one-level homes throughout the Greater Seattle and surrounding area.

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Downsize to a Single Story Home in Seattle
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