Pigeon Gender Reveal

Pigeon Gender Reveal

After an unexpected pigeon rescue, (watch rescue story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHOHv6zm4HU&ab_channel=BrennerHill) Sandra found herself with yet another winged friend. With birds, it can be difficult to determine gender, so she sent in for a DNA test! While she wasn’t 100% sure, Sandra had a hunch that this pigeon was female and decided to name him/her Maven.

Maven has been sharing Sandra’s office with her these past few weeks along with the other general residents. Elwood is an older gentleman who also spends his time in the office. The chill atmosphere is more his speed. Maven, on the other hand, is getting antsy to join the others in the outdoor aviary!

Keep an eye out for future videos about the various birds that Sandra shares her home with.

Video Transcript:

So it is official, Ms. Maven here is a girl. I got her DNA test results back, which confirmed what I already suspected that this sweet little pretty thing is actually a female.

And then this a sweet old man on the side, that’s Elwood. He’s basically in hospice, he’s 16 years old. He’s actually pretty old for a pure bred pigeon. He’s a white homing pigeon. It’s kind of like dogs, you know, purebreds tend to live, not quite as long.

Our oldest pigeon a little Wilson Oliver. He will be 20 in may. So, and he’s doing great health wise. So, Mr. Elwood, he’s been in my home office now for, gosh, I guess a couple of weeks now, you know, with the colder weather, he just can’t be outside in their aviary, but this little active thing, she is definitely ready to go out in the aviary and spend more time with her flock mates.

But this is just a public service announcement, on how to conduct a proper gender reveal without starting a forest fire

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