Happy Buyers in Marysville!

Even with today’s amazing technology, It is pretty rare to sell a home without the Buyer actually seeing the home in person. I think Steve and I have only done this once in our careers.

However, this is the first time I’ve sold a home without the Buyer seeing it in person, AND without having met the Buyer until right before closing! In fact, the first time I met the Buyers in person, (not sure Zoom counts!), was when we were doing the final walk through a few days ago. This was also the first time they saw the home. Luckily they all loved the house…phew!

Jennifer was referred to us by her sister Megan, who Steve and I helped a few years back. We were a bit apprehensive about Jennifer trying to house hunt from afar. But she felt comfortable with the situation and wanted to proceed. George and I toured several homes and facetimed with her at each house. We narrowed it down to a sweet rambler in Marysville, that provided most of what she was looking for. We then had Megan visit the house during an open house to get her opinion of the home. Megan also facetimed with Jennifer while at the home. Jennifer took a huge leap of faith and put in an offer on the house! This is a pretty gutsy move.

Congratulations Jennifer and welcome to the beautiful Pacific NW! I look forward to seeing your kitchen update!

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