NW Seattle Photo Scavenger Hunt 2021

NW Seattle Photo Scavenger Hunt
☝️ Click the play button on the above video to check out our exciting new contest. ☝️

We hope you will all take part in this fun family event to help support our local businesses!

Grand Prize is $300 to your favorite local business!
Winners announced on St. Patrick’s Day | Wednesday, March 17

The rules are really simple:

  1. Like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/brennerhill)
  2. Take a Selfie in front of as many of the below options as you can.
  3. Share your photos to the Brenner Hill Real Estate page and tag Brenner Hill Real Estate in all of your posts.

By the end of day on Tuesday, March 16th 2021, the participants with the most points will win a gift card/certificate for their favorite local business! There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Limit one photo per category and one per individual restaurant. We encourage you to visit as many restaurants as possible.

All photos must be selfies, we want to see your smiling faces!

The person with the most points wins.

The prize will be a gift certificate to your favorite local business! First place $300, Second place $150, and Third place $75. The idea of the contest is to have fun, buy local and help promote small businesses. The more challenging the photo is to take, the more points you earn!

10 pts Selfie at any of the following tourist attractions: Fremont Troll, Statue of Lenin, Waiting for the Interurban (statues in Fremont). Extra 5 points if you are wearing gear from any of our local professional sports teams!

15 pts Selfie in front of a sailboat race. The easiest photo spot is from Carkeek Park or north end of Golden Gardens.

15 pts Selfie in front of one of our current or past listings. Check out our website at BrennerHill.com to see them.

15 pts Selfie with Pigeons at your favorite Seattle park.

15 pts Selfie with ducks at Green Lake.

15 pts Selfie with Northwest Seattle sunset.

20 pts Selfie in front of a Totem Pole.

20 pts Selfie with a garden gnome.

20 pts Selfie at your favorite place in NW Seattle and why you love this place. We give you a ton of latitude on this post!

25 pts Support your local NW Seattle restaurants! Selfie getting take out or eating in AND tag the restaurant. If the restaurant doesn’t have a FB page, please post the name and address. You can rack up a ton of points in this category!

30 pts Selfie in front of your favorite Irish Pub or Irish Restaurant in the Greater Seattle area and of course tag the establishment.

35 pts Selfie with a rainbow.

50 pts Selfie with a double rainbow