Brenner|Hill Certified Listing Program

7-Point Pre-Listing Inspection

Over 85% of homebuyers request an inspection according to the U.S. General Accounting Office. Home inspections can reveal hidden flaws and potentially pricey repairs, so this statistic is not too surprising. A 7-Point Pre-Listing Inspection completed prior to listing your home will reassure prospective buyers.

Our professional home inspector will identify problems or potential problems with your home, such as leaks in the roof, possible water damage, remodeling efforts that don’t meet current building codes, and improperly grounded outlets. The home inspector will then prepare a written home inspection report. You may also be provided with a list of recommended repairs. The home’s inspection report can then be offered to a potential home buyer.

Reassure prospective buyers.

Even after several walk-throughs, buyers rarely know what issues may exist in a home. A 7-Point Pre-Listing Inspection assures the buyer that no major surprises are in store. A potential home buyer may still choose to perform their own inspection. However, buyers will feel more comfortable about writing an offer with a pre-listing inspection already completed.

What Does the 7-Point Pre-Inspection Cover?

  • Roof, Attic and Crawl Spaces – General condition, skylights and flashing
  • Exterior Surfaces – General conditions of foundation, walls, supports and surfaces whether it’s wood, brick or siding
  • Plumbing – Examination of the plumbing system, including sewer or septic, hot water tank and water shut-off
  • Heating and Cooling – Inspection of the heating or air-conditioning system
  • Appliances – Inspection of all installed appliances
  • Electrical – Main distribution panels and sub-panels
  • Pests – Observe for evidence or rodents and wood destroying organisms

Rest Assured.

The Brenner|Hill Certified Listing Program uses the best home inspection professionals in the business. Trained professional home inspectors will provide invaluable insight to confidently sell your home.