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Selling Broker Offer Guide

Plat Map

Legal Description

17 Seller Disclosure

22D Optional Clauses

22E FIRPTA Certification

22K Identification of Utilities

22Y Modification of Closing Date

34 Financing

35P Pre-Inspection Agreement

WRE 41 Buyer Optional Clauses

Preliminary Title Commitment

Home  Inspection Report

Home Inspection Report Photos

Lender Questionnaire

Resale Certificate and Documents

27 Resale Certificate

2019 EOY Reports

2021 Dues Structure

G.L. Draft 2021 Draft Budget v2 – 3% dues increase

Special Assessment Calculator

1 -GL Articles of Incorporation 1997

2-GL Amended and Restated Declarations 1990

3 GL Declaration – Amendment I – Rentals 2012

4-GL Amended and Restated Bylaws 2001

5-GL House Rules Revised 6-1-16

2001-02-01 Golden Leaves Bylaws

GL Certificate-Articles of Incorporation (1)

GL Insurance language – Declaration

Golden Leaves Declarations

House Rules Revised 6-1-16

AMFAM Invoice

D&O Invoice

Golden Leaves 2020 Certificate

Golden Leaves Insurance

Golden Leaves Condo Insurance

UMB Invoice

2-HOA Meeting Minutes 2-19

6-HOA Meeting Minutes 6-29

10-Oct 6 assessment ratification

2019 HOA Meeting Minutes 011619

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes – Draft

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes (1)

GOLD 02.05 .2020 Roof meeting

GOLD 02.19.20 Meeting Minutes

2018 Reserve Study Info sheet