Selling a Home During a Pandemic

Selling a Home During a Pandemic

”What can you do to minimize risk of exposure, while selling your home in the coming months?” In this video we go over the strategies that we are currently implementing in order to Sell homes safely in these uncertain times. 

Luckily we live in an age of technology that can take the place of various, traditionally in-person, appointments. Since we’ve already been using these tools in our business, it has been a pretty smooth transition. 

Despite all the craziness going on, you still need to sell your home. The question is, what can you do to minimize risk of exposure while selling your home in the coming months? Here are a few ways to apply safety precautions and minimize risk to all parties.

Using tools and strategies that allow buyers to view your home virtually is now more important than ever. We want to show as much as possible. This means virtual home tours, 3D floor plans and lots of professional photos, and drone photography of the grounds and surrounding area. These are just a few of the great ways to showcase your home.

Disclose as much as possible. Seller’s disclosure, pre-listing inspection reports including sewer report, HOA covenants and restrictions and any other pertinent information a buyer would reasonably want to know should be readily available to potential buyers and their brokers.

Digital marketing on steroids. In addition to the basic syndication to various online sources such as Zillow, and basic social media postings, our unique digital marketing strategy also includes paid ad campaigns designed to target market potential buyers that have completed searches or have displayed behavior that relates to the unique features of your home. This approach will help attract and hone in on buyers that have a true interest in your home.

Once we’ve attracted the right buyer, we can ensure that we are only showing to serious buyers by adding a requirement for a copy of a preapproval, or proof of funds prior to showing. And we can further prepare for showings by following the new Washington State Association of Realtor Guidelines regarding home showings.

Selling your home right now will certainly have its challenges. But by applying safety precautions, and making the most of technology, it’s still feasible to sell and minimize risk to all parties in the process. So if you need to sell, give us a call, or click to set up a virtual consultation. We would love to hear from you.

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Selling a Home During a Pandemic
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