NW Seattle Photo Scavenger Hunt | Win $300 to Spend at Local Businesses!

NW Seattle Photo Scavenger Hunt | Win $300 to Spend at Local Businesses!

We’re so excited to announce our NW Seattle Photo Scavenger Hunt! ​We wanted to come up with a fun/family friendly way to support our local businesses and celebrate the special places that make up NW Seattle. ​We have created a point system for the photos. For example, A NW Seattle sunset is worth 15 Points. We want to see your smiling faces, so all photos must be selfies. The person with the most points by the end of the day on March 16th, wins!

The winner will be chosen on 🍀 St Patrick’s Day, March 17th 2021

🥇 1st Place – $300 Gift Card/Certificate to their favorite local business!

🥈 2nd Place – $150 Gift Card/Certificate to their favorite local business!

🥉 3rd Place – $75 Gift Card/Certificate to their favorite local business!

Click here to see contest rules, a breakdown of the point system, and download a handy PDF here​.

The rules are really simple:

1. Like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/brennerhill

2. Take a Selfie in front of as many of the options as you can.

3. Share your photos to the Brenner Hill Real Estate page and tag us in all of your posts.

Limit one photo per category and one per individual restaurant.

We encourage you to visit as many restaurants as possible. Don’t forget to tag ​the restaurant!

All photos must be selfies.

The person with the most points wins! Good Luck!

Steve 📲 (c) 206-769-9577 📧stevehill@windermere.com

Sandra 📲 (c) 206-271-7100 📧sbrenner@windermere.com

NW Seattle Photo Scavenger Hunt

Video Transcript:

Steve and I are super excited about our scavenger hunt photo contest. And this is a fun family friendly event to help support our local businesses. And the rules are really easy. Just like us on Facebook, and then tag us in all of your posts for the photo contest. So all of the photos must be selfies and please tag as many businesses as possible. So, have fun. Get out there, shop local, let’s support our local businesses. And to find out what you might win. Definitely stay tuned for the end of the video.

So to win you need to score a lot of points. So Sandra, how do people score points?

Well we’ve got lots of opportunities for people to score points. You can take a tour of Fremont’s touristy spots, like the Fremont troll, Lenin statue, the statutes on 34th waiting for the interurban. And you can earn 10 points per shot. But if you wear any sports gear from one of our professional teams, you’ll get an extra five points so that could be worth 15 points per shot.

You can take a selfie of a sailboat race, that would be worth 15 points. 15 points in front of one of our current or past listings. You can find all of those on our Brennerhill.com page. 15 points for ducks at Green Lake. I actually had a great time doing this one. And I was a little surprised that they didn’t just readily come up to me. I thought everybody’s still fed the ducks at Green Lake but I guess not. 15 points for pigeons at your favorite Seattle park. Again, being the crazy bird lady. This was a really fun one for me to get. And the pigeons down at Shilshole were so cute. Oh, there was some beautiful ones. 15 points for a Northwest Seattle sunset. 20 points for a selfie with a totem pole. There’s not a lot of totem poles around in Seattle so you might have to hunt for that one. And then this next one was a little tougher than I expected 20 points for a garden gnome. We probably should have given more points for that one. Steve, what else can they do to score points?

Well for 20 points, if you get a selfie at your favorite place in Northwest Seattle, you’ll get great points for that. I actually went and took one at the Norwegian Heritage Museum because I am partially Norwegian. And then 25 points at your favorite Northwest Seattle restaurant. And make sure you tag on Facebook that business. We’re trying to drum up business for all of our local business.

30 points for a selfie in front of your favorite Irish pub. I know there’s at least two in Seattle, so find one of those and you’ll get 30 points. 35 points if you could find a rainbow and take a selfie in front of that. And then the big point maker is 50 points in front of a double rainbow. So take a selfie in front of that and get 50 points.

Good luck with that one. And then what you win is first place gets $300 gift certificate to their favorite place in Northwest Seattle. Restaurant, ski shop, whatever it might be. Second prize is $150 gift certificate again, to your favorite place and then Third prize – $75. And so if you want to know all the list of places to take photos, just to click and you’ll, you’ll see all that. Good luck!


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