NW Seattle Newsletter | May 2020

NW Seattle Newsletter | May 2020

NW Seattle Newsletter | May 2020

In this online only version of our newsletter:

 We congratulate the winners of our Referral Rewards Cruise Contest! 

We spotlight a few of the available pets through the Seattle Animal Shelter. Visit seattle.gov/animal-shelter/find-an-animal/adopt to see all the currently available pets.

We also talk about the annual Furry 5k Fun Run & Walk, which has been rescheduled to August 16th and moved to Magnusun Park. Visit furry5k.com to learn more!

So, Happy May! Congratulations to our cruise winners, Rod and Beth Schmidt of Broadview.

2020 Alaskan Cruise Contest Winners!

Are they gonna go on a cruise anytime soon, Steve?

I don’t know, and you know what? They don’t even have to go on a cruise, because our favorite cruise lady also does things besides cruises. She does all kinds of adventures. So, if they don’t wanna go on a cruise, they could do something else.

They can, yeah. It was just kind of interesting to do a cruise contest in the middle of a pandemic, but hey.

When when will the cruise companies be able to back in business, do you think, or get back in business? I can’t imagine.

Yeah, yeah, they talked about the travel industry being down in the dumps for quite a while. But, on to something more exciting. Seattle Animal Shelter is of course, still open for business and it was really kind of nice to see that they really don’t have a ton of pets right now, which is great. But they do have a rooster, by the name of Benedict Cumberbock. And so, we assumed, after the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. But anyhow, what else is going on, Steve?

Well, at the Seattle Animal Shelter, they’re gonna be having their annual Furry 5K Run to raise money for the Seattle Animal Shelter and they do have it scheduled for this August 16 and it’s a new location, it’s at Magnuson Park. So, that’s on their website if you wanna sign up. We’ll have a link to it in this video, but again, they are raising funds. They can always use our money. They’re struggling a little bit, but it’s good to know they’re still getting pets adopted.

Yeah, well I mean, they’re obviously doing a great job, because I mean right now, in fact I wrote ’em down. There are eight dogs available, three cats. I don’t think I’ve ever seen just only three cats available, and one of them, Tut, he sounds like kind of a little hoot.

Okay, so let’s go on to rabbits.

Okay, now rabbits.

Rabbits, yes, they have rabbits too.

Okay, well tell us about what they have available, ’cause I’ve got several in my back yard that I’m letting people adopt too, if they want ’em.

Well, what you have in the back yard are super cute, little cottontails and they are not available for adoption at the Seattle Animal Shelter. But, there are eight very cute bunnies available at the Seattle Animal Shelter. And again, that’s really not a lot of bunnies. And of course, they still have the one snake, Kaa, but, I know, but I love the rooster. And of course, if you live the city of Seattle, you cannot adopt a rooster. But maybe you know somebody that lives out in the country who would love to adopt Mr. Benedict. So, I think that’s it.

That’s it?

Yes, are April showers bringing May flowers to everybody? I think they are.

It’s bringing me moss in my grass, but I got a new thatcher, so I’m excited to use that this weekend.

Okay, you go thatch away.

I will, I’ll thatch away. And I’ll celebrate

anyhow, we will,

By having salmon dinner barbecue that night.

Oh, that sounds nice.

That’s how exciting my life is right now.

I understand. Anyhow, we hope everybody is safe, healthy and being as happy as you can be right now. And I know everybody’s out, working in their yards and it’s gonna be lovely this week. So anyhow, get out there and enjoy that beautiful Seattle weather, but stay safe.

Take care, everybody!

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