March Pet of the Month from the Seattle Animal Shelter

Looking to add a pet to your family? Check out our March Pet of the Month from the Seattle Animal Shelter

Seattle Animal Shelter

Meet March’s Pet of the Month: Prince!

Seattle Animal Shelter Dog

Prince is a royal, adorable little guy who is full of spunk, and prances happily along on leash even though he can’t see where he’s going – he’s blind. But that doesn’t stop him from much of anything, he considers himself a normal everyday dog. Prince’s nose works exceptionally well – he can follow the scent of a tasty dog treat until he can pop it in his mouth.
This pup gets along with other dogs (who can respect his small size) and cats too. Kids aged six and up would be great. If you’ve never had a dog of your very own before, Prince would be a great choice for your first. A moderately active to calm/quiet household would be perfect. Why not come meet our charming Prince right now!

He is currently available at the Seattle Animal Shelter. If you are looking to add a new member to the family, check the shelter first! To see all of the adoptable pets, visit

We are here at the Seattle Animal Shelter, and this is Prince, and he is our Pet of the Month. He is super sweet and friendly. He’s adorable. He’s so lovely. So he is about eight years old. He has had one eye removed surgically, and then he has a really big cataract in his other eye, so he’s mostly blind. But he had his teeth just cleaned! He has fresh breath.

He does have fresh breath. He can’t see you, but he has fresh breath. He is lovely, and he’s very spunky, and very sweet, and he would do perfect in a household with not a lot of activity going on. So if you are looking for that Prince to watch movies, soap operas, whatever, read a book on the couch for a while and just hang out and be with a dog that’s so happy. He is, he’s such a love.

But also at the shelter, or not necessarily at the shelter, but in the care of the shelter, there are 12 dogs, 20 cats, 2 guinea pigs, 4 rabbits, 1 parakeet, and 1 snake!

I guess every snake deserves a good home.

But you know our motto, Adopt Don’t Shop. We so encourage you to come down to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

And, something important to say, is look online before you come down, because some of the pets might be at a foster care home. So, look online before you come down to adopt.

Come check out Prince!

March Pet of the Month from the Seattle Animal Shelter. Meet Prince!
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