Back to School Backpacks

It is that time of year. We are heading back to school. Well I’m not heading back to school. Thank goodness. But all of the little ones are heading back and so we are packing backpacks to give to students at Broadview Thomson.

Broadview Thomson is a school in our neighborhood. It’s right up the street from our office and we’ve been supporting the school for a number of years. They’re an amazing school, they’re K through eight. There are, gosh, I believe 32 different languages that are spoken at that school. So it has a high ESL, English as a second language, student population. And the teachers are just super patient. I think that teachers cover four or five of those 32 languages that are spoken. And then, also this year, we’re super honored to support Compass Housing for high school students I should say, that are part of Compass Housing, which is low income housing.

So anyhow, we wish everybody an awesome school year and I am going to get to work and pack these bags.

Back to School Backpacks at Broadview Thomson
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